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Theodore Weston

Civil Engineer/Architect

Centurion, 1859–1919

Born 9 October 1832 in Hudson Falls, New York

Died 6 May 1919 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New York

Proposed by John Durand

Elected 1 October 1859 at age twenty-six

Century Memorial

Theodore Weston was one of many Century members, present and past, to whom the Club’s affiliations presented an increasing charm with advancing years. The casual visitor at the Club was reasonably sure to find him there, immersed in the latest magazine or engaged in talk on current events, with his slight frame straightening as he talked, to give emphasis to his words. At such times it was not easy to realize his eighty-six-year span of life. Mr. Weston had in his day been a well-known engineer, planning in the Fifties the construction of the Genesee Valley Railroad, the New York canal system, and the Brooklyn Water Works. He was architect and trustee for the Equitable Life and the Metropolitan Museum of Art; being one of the original incorporators of the Museum. During all of a long lifetime he was an intimate personal friend of Andrew D. White; who, along with so curiously mixed a group of men as Edmund Clarence Stedman, Wayne MacVeagh, Supreme Court Justice Shiras, and Thomas C. Platt, was fellow-member with Weston in the class of ’53 at Yale. With those who came in contact with this gentle and friendly personality, it was the man himself that drew them.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1920 Century Association Yearbook