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Alexander Dana Noyes

Financial Editor, Evening Post

Centurion, 1898–1945

Born 14 December 1862 in Montclair, New Jersey

Died 22 April 1945 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Newark, New Jersey

Proposed by Addison Brown and Henry C. Meyer

Elected 2 April 1898 at age thirty-five

Archivist’s Note: Secretary of the Century Association, 1918–1937; designated an honorary member in 1938

Century Memorial

Alexander Dana Noyes. [Born] 1862. Newspaper man.

Fifty-one years a Centurion. Honorary Member of the Century. He was our Secretary for twenty years, incomparable elegist, master of the Plutarchian role now tremblingly essayed by this Freshman follower. I have studied his minutes, his reports and his memorials: if I do not do well it is not for lack of good examples.

From 1891 to 1920 he was financial editor of the New York Evening Post and thereafter until his death held the same position at the New York Times. As such, but more for the accuracy of his facts and the sagacity and long-headedness of his judgment, he was a power in the financial world. That power was a steadying power, as when he declared “we adjust after every disaster and rise to new heights,” and when, before 1929, he was told that a new era had arrived, he said, “you cannot abolish depressions unless you abolish booms.”

His imprint always will be on the Century.

Source: Henry Allen Moe Papers, Mss.B.M722. Reproduced by permission of American Philosophical Society Library & Museum, Philadelphia

Henry Allen Moe
Henry Allen Moe Papers, 1945 Memorials