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Lea Luquer


Centurion, 1901–1919

Born 3 February 1833 in New York (Brooklyn), New York

Died 17 June 1919 in Bedford, New York

Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mount Kisco, New York

Proposed by Henry E. Howland and Henry Codman Potter

Elected 2 March 1901 at age sixty-eight

Archivist’s Note: Father of Lea McI. Luquer and Thatcher T. P. Luquer; elected after his elder son Lea

Century Memorial

Ministry in a single parish during fifty-three successive years was the unusual life story of Lea McIlvaine Luquer. Dr. Luquer left to his Bedford parishioners and neighbors, at the end of his eighty-seven years of life [sic: eighty-six], a memory such as we are nowadays apt to associate with the clergymen of a very much older period. Like those spiritual guides of kindly tradition and history, he was an intimate part of the social and personal as well as the religious life of his community. His neighbors brought their disputes to him to be adjusted, as instinctively as they brought their sorrows and troubles to him for consolation, and this help was asked and granted equally in the case of those who were and of those who were not of Dr. Luquer’s religious faith. The closing of all business during his funeral service, in the town where he had lived so many years, was its instinctive tribute to his position in the community.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1920 Century Association Yearbook