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Henry M. Howe

Professor of Metallurgy, Columbia College

Centurion, 1897–1922

Full Name Henry Marion Howe

Born 2 March 1848 in Boston, Massachusetts

Died 14 May 1922 in Bedford Hills, New York

Buried Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Proposed by Myles Standish and Seth Low

Elected 6 November 1897 at age forty-nine

Archivist’s Note: Son of (nonmember) Julia Ward Howe; nephew of Luther Terry

Century Memorial

Henry Marion Howe, son of Julia Ward Howe and connected by blood with the celebrated General Francis Marion of the Revolution and with the novelist Marion Crawford, was himself one of the distinguished metallurgical experts of the world. He was chosen to preside over the juries of award in mines and mining at the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 and at the Paris expositions of 1889 and 1900, and for sixteen years presided over the department of metallurgy at Columbia, either as lecturer or as chief professor. He was not only a teacher but an exceedingly practical master of the industry, having been active superintendent of the Bessemer works at Joliet as long ago as 1872. Professor Howe was a voluminous writer on the technical problems of his profession, his achievements in which were recognized by a long list of honorary college degrees and European decorations.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1923 Century Association Yearbook