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Watson B. Dickerman


Centurion, 1897–1923

Full Name Watson Bradley Dickerman

Born 4 January 1846 in Mount Carmel, Connecticut

Died 5 April 1923 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Greenwood Union Cemetery, Rye, New York

Proposed by Henry Freeman Walker and John Woodruff Simpson

Elected 5 June 1897 at age fifty-one

Archivist’s Note: The monument to him at the Central Burying Grounds, Hamden, is a cenotaph.

Century Memorial

Nowadays, Wall Street men play golf in their leisure hours and talk golf in their business hours. There was a time when the prosperous stock broker talked horse in Wall Street and drove a fast team up the Speedway in the afternoon; when people who wished to reflect the atmosphere of Wall Street hung on their walls the picture of “William H. Vanderbilt behind Maud S.” Watson Bradley Dickerman was a survivor of that period. He was a well-known figure in Stock Exchange affairs, had served long on the old-time Stock Exchange committees, and was at one time President of the institution. But when the newspapers told the story of his life, it was the story of a successful horseman and horsebreeder. The motor car and the golf-links have made the world forget those interesting avocations of a generation or two ago; but life has surely lost some of its picturesqueness in the disappearance of them.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1924 Century Association Yearbook