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Jacob W. Miller

Steamship President

Centurion, 1896–1918

Full Name Jacob William Miller

Born 1 June 1847 in Morristown, New Jersey

Died 8 March 1918 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Saint Peter’s Episcopal Churchyard, Morristown, New Jersey

Proposed by Henry Metcalfe and Charles P. Daly

Elected 5 December 1896 at age forty-nine

Archivist’s Note: Brother of George MacCulloch Miller

Century Memorial

One seems to bridge, not only two but three epochs of American history, when the same year that records the death of these Century members in their country’s service in the great European War records also that of two distinguished veterans, one of our Spanish War of 1898, the other of the Civil War. Commodore Jacob W. Miller was selected in 1891 as the commanding officer of the first battalion of the Naval Militia, forerunner of that arm of the service which, in their future recollections, the German submarine commanders (where they by chance survived the maritime campaign of 1918) will have reason to remember. It was in this early volunteer navy that Miller rose in 1898 to lieutenant-commander, bearing the rank of commodore when that short and brilliantly successful naval war was over. His later years had been passed in management of steamship traffic lines.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1919 Century Association Yearbook