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John Galen Howard


Centurion, 1898–1931

Born 8 May 1864 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Died 18 July 1931 in San Francisco, California

Buried Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito, California

Proposed by Thomas Hastings and John Francis Murphy

Elected 5 November 1898 at age thirty-four

Proposer of:

Century Memorial

The achievement of New York’s fraternity of accomplished architects—whose works, indeed, are to be found in all cities of the United States—sometimes causes forgetfulness of what the architects of other American communities are doing. John Galen Howard scored his earlier success in New York City, but for more than thirty years his artistic career had been identified with California. In San Francisco he designed the Berkeley campus. The Greek Theatre, perhaps the most perfect American reproduction of that type of classic art, was the work of his imaginative mind. Howard was on the board of architects that planned the reconstruction of San Francisco after 1906; he cooperated in the plans for the Buffalo Exposition of 1901 and designed its famous “electric tower.” It was in appropriate recognition of his varied qualities that California placed him for thirty years in the University’s chair of architecture.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1932 Century Association Yearbook