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Charles Noble Gregory

Professor of Law

Centurion, 1916–1932

Born 27 August 1851 in Unadilla, New York

Died 10 July 1932 in Washington, District of Columbia

Buried Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Wisconsin

Proposed by Seth Low and Oswald G. Villard

Elected 2 December 1916 at age sixty-five

Century Memorial

Charles Noble Gregory’s affiliations as editor for seventeen years of the American Journal of International Law, and for fourteen years as Chairman of the American Bar Association’s international law committee, indicated his bent of mind. Before he devoted all his time and energy to that field of jurisprudence, he had occupied the post of dean successively in the law school of three great universities. But Gregory was no dry legal pedant. He believed, with Sir Walter Scott’s old Edinburgh barrister, that “a lawyer without history and literature is a mechanic, a mere working mason;” he had even, in his own younger days, ventured into poetical composition, and he knew his English authors. To his friends he was closely bound by his exquisite charm of manner; a quality not too often possessed and exercised in these later days.

Alexander Dana Noyes
1933 Century Association Yearbook