The best history of the Century Association was published on the occasion of its
Centennial in 1947. The Century 1847–1946 (New York: The Century Association,
1946) is available in many libraries and can often be found for purchase at various
Internet used-book retailers. American Art at the Century by A. Hyatt Mayor and
Mark Davis was published by the Century Association in 1977 and deals with the
club’s collection of paintings and sculptures, the majority of which are the work of
member artists. This volume also contains James Thomas Flexner’s essay,
“Paintings on the Century’s Walls.” The best work on the milieu of the Sketch Club
and the emergence of the Century Association is James T. Callow, Kindred Spirits:
Knickerbocker Writers and American Artists, 1807–1855
(Chapel Hill: The University
of North Carolina Press, 1967).

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