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Charles H. Farnam


Centurion, 1899–1909

Full Name Charles Henry Farnam

Born 12 September 1846 in New Haven, Connecticut

Died 24 September 1909 in Paris, France

Buried Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, Connecticut

Proposed by Allen W. Evarts and John McL. Nash

Elected 1 April 1899 at age fifty-two

Archivist’s Note: Brother of Henry W. Farnam and William W. Farnam

Century Memorial

Charles Henry Farnam was of a noted Connecticut family, a graduate of Yale and of Columbia. His tastes, however, were not legal. For a time he followed mercantile pursuits in New York, for a time he led the scholar’s life in the Peabody Museum at Yale, and yet another portion of his life he spent as an author. That his pursuits were apparently desultory was due to uncertain health, and for long its condition compelled residence for part of the year in Colorado. He was sixty-three when the struggle ended and had been for ten years a Centurion. The qualities of his mind and heart, his gentleness, unselfishness and sympathetic sociability made him, of right, welcome to all the circles of this association.

William Milligan Sloane
1910 Century Association Yearbook