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Franklin H. Delano


Centurion, 1860–1893

Full Name Franklin Hughes Delano

Born 27 July 1813 in Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Died 23 December 1893 in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Buried Riverside Cemetery, Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Proposed by William J. Hoppin

Elected 2 June 1860 at age forty-six

Archivist’s Note: Brother of Edward Delano; brother-in-law of John Jacob Astor III; uncle of Frederic A. Delano; great-uncle of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Century Memorial

Franklin H. Delano was a well-known and prominent member of the New York society of the early days. His wife was a daughter of the late William B. Astor. He was a partner in the firm of Grinnell, Minturn & Co.; was successful in business; but, desiring a country life, retired to his estate at Barrytown, New York, where he passed many years. Failing health caused him to make a home in the Riviera, where he died. He was a gentleman of the old school; had been a member of the Union Club since 1839; was generous-hearted and liberal in his bounty; and wherever he was known was honored and beloved.

Henry E. Howland
1894 Century Association Yearbook