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Alfred W. Craven

Civil Engineer

Centurion, 1860–1879

Full Name Alfred Wingate Craven

Born 20 October 1810 in Washington, District of Columbia

Died 27 March 1879 in Chiswick, England

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by William M. Evarts and John H. Gourlie

Elected 7 April 1860 at age forty-nine

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Century Memorial

Alfred Craven was the ideal of a republican gentleman. A worker all his life, he stood at the level of princes as their equal associate. Whatever he thought or did took from his nature the stamp of manliness and honor. He was the stuff that earls were made of, in the day when rank stood for fact and act, and title was the crown of natural lordship. When our farewells attended him to Europe, they were blended with feelings of affection and pride that there should be seen there an example of what our country could produce as a finished man. Such as he then was, before the strength waned and the shadow fell, the real Craven whom we knew and loved passed away from among us. Such as he then was, will he always be remembered.

Augustus R. Macdonough
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