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Charles H. Tweed


Centurion, 1888–1917

Full Name Charles Harrison Tweed

Born 26 September 1844 in Calais, Maine

Died 11 October 1917 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Ascutney Cemetery, Windsor, Vermont

Proposed by Joseph H. Choate and Henry W. Domett

Elected 7 April 1888 at age forty-three

Archivist’s Note: Son-in-law of William M. Evarts, brother-in-law of Allen W. Evarts and Prescott Evarts; father of Harrison Tweed; uncle of William M. Evarts, Edward Newton Perkins, and Maxwell Evarts Perkins

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Century Memorial

Charles Harrison Tweed graduated from Ha[r]vard in 1865; admitted to the Bar, he entered the office of Evarts, Southmayd & Choate; in due time, became a partner, and married a daughter of Mr. Evarts. He withdrew from the firm to become general counsel for the Central Pacific, the Chesapeake & Ohio, and subsequently the Southern Pacific. He also became a member of the banking house of Speyer & Co. A few years ago, he retired from affairs. In his day an active yachtsman, of late years he might be often seen reading in the Century Library. He was an able lawyer, and a genial, kindly gentleman.

Henry Osborn Taylor
1918 Century Association Yearbook