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George A. Robbins


Centurion, 1855–1895

Full Name George Appleton Robbins

Born 7 November 1827 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 25 May 1895 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Trinity Churchyard, Manhattan, New York

Proposed by John H. Gourlie

Elected 3 February 1855 at age twenty-seven

Archivist’s Note: He ostensibly resigned in 1865 and was reinstated in June 1890 with a new set of proposers, Chandler Robbins and Gustav Edward Kissel.

Century Memorial

George A. Robbins was a well-known retired banker, prominent in the social and business life of this, his native city. Liberally educated, with artistic and refined tastes, and generous in his nature, he was a fair type of that class which, blessed with abundant means, leads quiet and unobtrusive lives, and by faithfulness in good works and intelligent interest in public affairs constitutes the most valuable body of our citizenship.

Henry E. Howland
1896 Century Association Yearbook