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Jervis McEntee


Centurion, 1862–1891

Born 14 July 1828 in Rondout, New York

Died 27 January 1891 in Rondout, New York

Buried Montrepose Cemetery, Kingston, New York

Proposed by Sanford R. Gifford and Louis Lang

Elected 6 December 1862 at age thirty-four

Archivist’s Note: Brother-in-law of Calvert Vaux; uncle of C. Bowyer Vaux

Century Memorial

Among the artist members of the Century Jervis McEntee held a high position, and was widely known and appreciated. There was a tender and melancholy sentiment in his work which made it exceedingly popular with the public, and his genial and unassuming nature endeared him to a host of friends which was not limited by the walls of the Century.

Henry E. Howland
1892 Century Association Yearbook