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Joseph Gaillard

Merchant (Imports)/Insurance

Centurion, 1857–1875

Full Name Joseph Lawrance Gaillard Jr.

Born c. June 1816 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Died 19 July 1875 in Paris, France

Buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Proposed by Abraham M. Cozzens

Elected 3 January 1857 at about age forty-one

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Century Memorials

The list of deceased members contains the names in the order of their loss, of Hays, Sherwood, Strong, Gaillard, Tillman, Stone, Kemble, Hegeman, Turney and Blodgett. The memorial notices, prepared and presented by your direction, express our appreciation of those we have lost with an earnestness of feeling and an appropriateness of phrase to which your Board can have nothing to add.

Augustus R. Macdonough
1876 Century Association Reports

Mr. Joseph Gaillard was of French descent, but passed the greater part of an active life in the city of New York. Many years ago he became a member of a distinguished and eminently successful commercial house. After a long career of probity and uprightness, he retired, and amused his leisure with literary and artistic studies in this city and in Europe. Eighteen years ago he became a member of the Century, and a constant attendant upon the meetings. He proved his interest in its welfare by active service as a member of its committees. In his later years, failing health required a residence abroad. His studies among the most celebrated Art Collections of Europe, gave evidence of his knowledge and taste. His social qualities and judicious services deserve acknowledgment by the members of the Century.

Henry C. Dorr, Henry R. Winthrop, and Augustus R. Macdonough
1875 Century Association Memorial Notices