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William H. Fuller

Wallpaper Merchant/Art Collector

Centurion, 1868–1902

Full Name William Henry Fuller

Born 6 November 1836 in Barryville, New York

Died 26 November 1902 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Buried Spring Forest Cemetery, Binghamton, New York

Proposed by James W. Pinchot, Henry Peters Gray, and Lewis B. Woodruff

Elected 6 June 1868 at age thirty-one

Proposer of:

Century Memorial

William H. Fuller was a pioneer in the practice of securing trained and gifted artists to cooperate in what had long been almost wholly the unmitigated trade of the covering of walls with paper. A graduate of Yale in 1861, he entered early the business of the manufacture of wall paper, and in developing it employed for the first time in this country artists who had demonstrated their talent within the limits ordinarily fixed for their calling. It was in a sense the beginning of the evolution of decoration as an art in the United States. Mr. Fuller was all his life an ardent collector of paintings. He was especially attracted from its advent to the school known as the Impressionists[,] and disposed of a large number of their works in 1898, only immediately to begin the formation of another collection, which he left at the time of his death. He had many friends among the artists of The Century, to whom his home overlooking Bryant Park was a place of ever pleasant foregathering.

Edward Cary
1903 Century Association Yearbook