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Christian Mayr


Centurion, 1847–1850

Full Name Christian Friedrich von Mayr

Born c. 1805 in Nuremberg, Germany

Died 19 October 1850 in New York (Manhattan), New York

Proposed by N/A: Founder

Elected 13 January 1847 at about age forty-two

Century Memorials

Mr. John H. Gourlie then offered the following resolutions.

Resolved, That we have heard with feelings of sincere regret the announcement of the death of our friend & fellow member Christian Mayr.

Resolved, That we entertain the sincerest respect for the memory of our deceased friend and desire to record our high appreciation of the professional merit & of the private and social character the cheerful good humor & active benevolence of one whose intercourse with us was rendered agreeable by his uniform kindness and sincerity of heart & whose sudden death is lamented by us as a loss to our society.

Resolved, That the Secretary be directed to record these resolutions upon the minutes as a tribute to his memory and as evidence of our deep sense of the loss we have sustained by his decease.

Resolved, That a copy of these Resolutions be forwarded by the Secretary to the family of the deceased.

The resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Albert Mathews, Secretary pro tem.
Monthly Meeting Minutes, 2 November 1850

Christian Mayr was a distinguished artist, much esteemed for the excellence of his character. He possessed many estimable qualities—a generous and social nature, and a warm-hearted disposition, which attached to him many friends.

John H. Gourlie
“The Origin and History of the Century,” 1856